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awareness of the importance of being                                  we offer high quality and high-tech products to the service of medicine.

ACTİVUS İlaç Med. San. Tic. LTD. ŞTİ.

    Activus Pharmaceutical has entered the market in Turkey, a Turkish company in 2007. Since this date, it has been offering Turkish equivalent to innovative products produced in world standards.

    As ACTIVUS Medication we spend every day working to make quality treatment facilities accessible. We are creating innovative treatments with our innovative focus and we are working to increase access to larger treatment facilities. ACTIVUS Pharmaceuticals 'ın our extensive product portfolio, we offer innovative products we have chosen for market needs to the service of Turkish medicine.

Our path to Perfection

It was a long journey to come where we are now. Here is how we started.


Bringing team together


Our first successful product


Writing the future


Leading company in Pharmaceutical Industry